60+ hands on tools and tips for the best stories

Last week Ezra Eeman from Journalismtools and I  joined The International Journalism Festival in Perugia for a power session on Storytooling: how to tell the best stories and what tools and apps are available online to do your research, shooting, editing and publishing for broadcast and online. –Tim.



Some buzz and quotes about the session here.

Scroll down for the slides with more than 60 tips and tools!


The slides contain building blocks for good stories; like how to find the best stories and how important is a simple baseline, a compelling and real character and why should a good story be valuable for your audience? More on that somewhere else on this site.

The Tools provide apps for mind mapping and moodboards, research tools like how to find geolocated tweets and how to monitor news from classic sources and on social media, reporting and data viz. And so many more.
Take your time to walk trough them. It is a treasure box.


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